“Love it. Had the pepperoni and Hawaiian at Black Raven. Wood fired, quick delivery. Guy was nice. Pretty awesome.” – Todd B.

“Best pizza ever! Fresh ingredients, amazing flavor and even the crust is yummy. Give this pizza a try. You won’t be disappointed.” – Sandra M.

“Good wood-fired pizza, fresh ingredients, all made right in front of you while you wait. Welcome to Tukwila Stella Fiore! I hope you plan on staying awhile!” – Lori S.

“Had the Red Star last night and it was legit… We hosted the food truck at the Flycaster Brewing and everyone was raving about the pizza’s and requesting we get them on a regular rotation!” – Jeremy E.

“Reeeeeeallllly goooooood. That wood fired oven is like god to a pizza. Fresh, quality ingredients. Nice people. My only problem is we have another local pizza place we like, and now that we’ve discovered the wood fired heaven at Stella Fiore’s we alternate weeks. I feel like such a traitor. But I can’t help it. Looooove that wood fired oven.” – Bridget S.

“Delicious! The basic margharita hit the spot. Their dough is made fresh daily, and they use a lot of local ingredients, which is always a plus. The pies come out of their brick oven smokin’ hot. Great prices and customer service. Pay no attention to Brandon S’s review. That fool has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s probably a big time Papa Murphy’s buff.” – Richard A.

“I would never have imagined getting this good of a pizza from a “food truck” but the pizza is fantastic. The crust is the best that I have had in some time. My only complaint is that the they are only open 3 days per week.” – Steve H.

“We’ve had this pizza twice since they conveniently moved to the Tukwila location right near our house. I’ve only eaten, I wasn’t involved in the ordering or purchasing, but the food is amazing. So fresh and yummy….including the salads. This is my new go to!” – Todd B.